What I Can Do For You


Services include :

• TV shows mixed to broadcast standards
• All manner of audio post for :

          - LONG FORM TV - SERIES / DOCO's
          - COMMERCIALS
          - PROMOS
          - ANIMATIONS

Why Choose Me

Sound has the ability to transform a piece of media into a tangible, cognisant experience.    

Picture quality and film production has improved immeasurably over the last number of years.  Visual quality and fx are high on the priority list for most producers when dishing out the often tight budget.  The impact of good quality sound is often pushed aside in favour of this.  We see amazing visual effects combined with stock sound effects which are not moulded, manipulated and enhanced to work  seamlessly with the pictures.  The result is a product that is far from tangible and cognisant and appears manufactured and spurious.​​
So why work with me?
I operate a boutique studio in Tauranga using industry standard Pro Tools HD software along with a vast array of sample libraries, sample instruments and audio manipulating plugins. However, my overheads are minimal and I can pass these savings on by being significantly cheaper than the larger studios in the main centres that use the same equipment. But size and tools don't matter right? It's the quality of the end product and this I wont compromise. You'll have my workmanship from start to finish, from the first concepts to delivery. 

I believe in sound work ethics and delivering a high quality product until my clients are satisfied. My name and reputation are on the chopping block otherwise! 

Since returning from London to New Zealand I've continued to provide audio services to clients in all parts of the world. This includes mixing several 13 part TV series for clients in the Middle East, providing music compositions for clients in the UK and sound designing short films for clients in the States. And let's not forget my faithful client base back home in New Zealand. 

I have a strong work ethic and I am driven by a desire to get the job done to a high standard, regardless of the budget. My aim is to bring your vision to life with an audio landscape that is both eloquent and exciting.   

How Does It Work

The world is closer than it's ever been with the potential to send huge digital files over the internet. Sending an OMF or AAF along with a movie file is a cinch. Just get in touch and I can talk you through the processes.

You or your editor will know how to export an embedded OMF / AAF and I can give you the movie specifications I usually like to work with. These files can be sent securly via a number of free web transfer applications such as : 

Hightail  /   WeTransfer  /   Dropbox


I'm Steve Green and I'm passionate about great sound.

I've been a musician for over thirty years and have worked in the audio post industry for over sixteen. This has included work for major audio post facilities in London, Cardiff and Auckland. I was head audio engineer at Soundtrax in Auckland (now Franklin Rd) where I had the opportunity to collaborate with well known and high profile advertising agencies. 

In London, I set up and ran an audio post and music composition company for six years. The BBC, Virgin Media TV and ITV were among some of my regular clients.

After starting a family and returning to NZ, I now live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. I continue to supply sound design, audio post services and music compositions to clients around the world.

I believe in high standards and providing quality work. My passion lies in audio post production, specifically sound design for animations and CGI and I love bringing visuals to life with a stylistic and creative auditory experience.

When I'm not working I enjoy DIY, mountain biking and general fitness and well being.

More Recent TV & Short Film Credits

​While living in the UK, I was fortunate enought to work on some higher budget BBC dramas and other long form TV shows. My IMDB credits can been viewed here.

More recently...


Future Qatar 13 x 26mins - Series 1 / 2 / 3 : Ultra Marine Films
Qatar Investigators - 5 x 26min : Ultra Marine Films
Lakhwiya - Qatar Internal Forces 13 x 26mins : Ultra Marine Films
Dubai Comedy Festival : Red Monkey Productions
The Man Who Knew Too Much : Digital Scissors
The Crimean Tatars - Independent : Christina Paschyn
Forbidden Pilgrimage : Red Monkey Productions
Ocean Sea Predators : Ultra Marine Films
Qatar Foundation : Red Monkey Productions
Lakhwiya - Parachute Team : Ultra Marine Films
Private Engineering Office - Mekenis Soil : Red Monkey Productions

Ra' Satste - Hakaboy Films
Super Larry - Gille Klabin
Ow What - Hakaboy Films
Defective - Matt Neary

Other Music Credits...

When I'm not working in audio post or writing specific compositions, I am composing for either of my 3 music publishers.

(Clicking the links will take you direct to examples of my work)

Extreme Music - www.extrememusic.com 

Production Music Online - www.pmol.com

Woodcut Productions - www.woodcutmusic.co.nz