What I can do for you...

•  Sound FX & Sound Design
•  Sound, Voice Over & Dialogue Editing
•  Final Audio Mix for Broadcast & Multimedia
•  Noise Reduction & Sound Restoration
•  Voice Over Recording
•  Music Composition

I’m Steve Green and I’m passionate about great sound.

I’ve been a musician for over 34 years and have worked in the audio post industry for over 17 years. This has included work for major audio post facilities in London, Cardiff and Auckland.

I was head audio engineer at Soundtrax in Auckland (now Franklin Rd) where I had the opportunity to collaborate with well known high profile advertising agencies.

In London, I set up and ran an audio post and music composition company for 6 years. The BBC, Virgin Media TV and ITV were among some of my regular clients.

After starting a family, I returned to NZ in 2011. I now live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and I continue to supply sound design, audio post services and music compositions to clients around the world.

Examples of work

Sound Design

  1. Title : Commerzbank Client : Commerzbank UK Production : Type B Media UK Type : Sound Design & Music Composition
  2. Title : Man Hunt 2 - Play Station Client : Independent WARNING - SOME SCENES MAY OFFEND Type : Sound Design
  3. Title : Ghost Whisperer - Launch Promo Client : Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  4. Title : Britain's Next Top Model - Extended Launch Client : Britain's Next Top Model / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  5. Title : AB35 Ford Matrix Client : Ford / Fuman Production : Fuman Type : Sound Design
  6. Title : CSI Miami - Promo Launch Client : Living Channel / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  7. Title : Ninja Warrior - Launch Promo Client : Challenge / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  8. Title : Mc Intyres Underworld - Launch Promo Client : Bravo / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  9. Title : World Poker Tour - Promo Client : Challenge / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design
  10. Title : UFC-67 Launch Promo Client : Bravo / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Sound Design

Music Composition

  1. Title : Living Channel - Rebrand Compile Client : Living Channel / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Music Composition
  2. Title : ITV.com - X Factor Client : ITV Production : ITV Type : Music Composition
  3. Title : NZ Flag Referendum Client : Clemenger BBDO / NZ Government Production : Clemenger BBDO Type : Music Composition
  4. Title : Sons Of Anarchy - Launch Promo Client : Bravo / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Music Composition
  5. Title : Eleventh Hour - Launch Promo Client : Living Channel / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Music Composition
  6. Title : Danny Dyre : Deadliest Men - Launch Promo Client : Bravo / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Music Composition
  7. Title : Bravo Channel - Rebrand Compile Client : Bravo Channel / Virgin Media TV Production : Virgin Media Type : Music Composition
  8. Title: Britain's Next Top Model - Launch Client: Britain's Next Top Model / Living TV Production: Virgin Media Type: Music Composition
    Britain's Next Top Model - Launch
  9. Title: Bay Of Plenty Film - Showreel Client: Bay Of Plenty Film Production: Bay Of Plenty Film Type: Music Composition & Sound Design
    Bay Of Plenty Film - Showreel
  10. Title: What Now 2017 Title Music Client: Whitebait Media Production: Whitebait Media Type: Music Composition
    What Now 2017 Title Music
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Have your vision brought to life with an audio landscape that is both eloquent and exciting,
regardless of the budget.

Overheads are minimal and I pass these savings on, by being significantly cheaper than the larger studios, allowing my clients to spread their budget further. 

Operating from a studio in Tauranga I work with industry standard Pro Tools HD software along with a vast array of Sound FX libraries, sample instruments and audio manipulating plugins, built up over 17 years of working in the industry. 

There are no major hurdles to working remotely. Since returning from London to New Zealand in 2011, I've provided audio services to clients around New Zealand as well as other parts of the world. This has included mixing several 13 part TV series for clients in the Middle East, music compositions for publishers and clients in the UK and sound designing short films for clients in the States.

Kind Words

  1. "What Now employed the services of Steve Green to compose a new theme tune for What Now kid’s show 2017. It needed to be something upbeat, catchy and be able to have a number of variations to be played out as sound beds. Creating a piece of music for kids between the ages of 5 – 12 is no mean feat, as there is a fine line between sounding too ‘pre-school’, too ‘dance’ and downright cheesy!

    Steve interpreted the brief well, producing a track that really embodies What Now’s vision for the future – getting kids up and active. The process was not completely straight forward with many different people having input from our end, but Steve did well to deal with the changes in a timely manner! All in all we’re very happy with the theme tune Steve produced."   

    Morgan Williams - Producer
    Whitebait Media, Christchurch NZ
  2. "I've had the good fortune to work with Steve every time I've had the freedom to choose my own sound designer and mixer. Together we've made animations, documentaries and narrative.

    On each project Steve has brought a world of imagination and a precise attention to detail that has brought the films to life.

    I've worked with Steve both in person and remotely. His talent and flair are matched by the fact that he also happens to be incredibly amicable. It's rewarding to have someone bring so much passion and innovation to their department and I can't recommend him enough." 

    Gille Klabin - Director
    Los Angeles, USA

  3. "I worked with Steve over a number of years, and on a number of projects at Flextech Television and Virgin Media TV.

    Steve is an all round great sound designer and engineer, with a lot of energy to input for the best outcome possible. Steve was always keen and really quite passionate that things were done well and to a high standard. The kind of person you need on your team, especailly when you are super busy and it's easy to make mistakes.

    Not only is Steve an absolute professional, but he's also a great guy to be in the studio with too. You can always rely on him for quality work, and a smile to go with it."​

    Lorna Haslam - Producer

  4. "I worked with Steve whilst directing TV promos and commercials in London for a wide variety of channels and shows such as ITV's X Factor, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, the UFC, America's Next Top Model and many more.

    Steve was hugely dedicated to creating stand-out sound design and cut-through mixes. It was always a pleasure collaborating with him, as he was so passionate and brought a lot of ideas and thoughts to the table. Added to his natural musical talents, he is a powerful asset for any client or brand."

    Guy Soulsby - Commercial Director
    London UK

  5. "I worked with Steve for over three years during his time as a staff sound engineer at Virgin Media UK. As a creative producer and director I would confidently bring Steve into my most challenging jobs early on in the project. 

    I could always rely on Steve to be so much more than a sound engineer and his skills as a composer and arranger were a huge positive influence on the success of some of my most memorable work. 

    I would use Steve again in a similar manner without hesitation. I would be confident that his skills and passion for sound design would be an invaluable component of a successful production. 

    Dave waldman - Director & Creative Producer
    Around Midnight, London UK

  6. "I have worked with Steve on several occasions through Film Construction Group. At all times he was quick to understand the Director's feel for the film being scored, willing to listen to feedback, and, most importantly to act on that feedback to produce exactly what was required.

    Not only does he have a lovely smile, he's thoroughly professional, and excellent in a tight turnaround environment. With his impeccable timing, I would not hesitate to recommend Steve for any brief large or small."​​​

    Andy Patrick - Managing Director
    Mt Barker Entertainment, Auckland NZ

  7. "Steve recently did soundscape and mix-down of my short film "Ow What!" which was selected 1 of 6 best films in New Zealand and won the award for Originality and Authenticity at the New Zealand International Film Festival, 2015. We worked on this project via email and wetransfer, I'd give him notes necessary for him to move forward and we ping ponged the rest until we were both satisfied.

    Although we haven't physically met, I was extremely happy with his work. Steve's attention to detail was a stand out for me. I'd recommend Steve's expertise to anyone and I'd be sure to use him again too."

    Mike Jonathan - Creative Director / DP
    Haka Boy Films, Rotorua NZ

  8. "Steve has worked for me on a freelance basis since 2001. During this time his principle role has been sound designer and sound mixer for television broadcast and multimedia productions.

    He has excelled in this position and has done exemplary work. Due to his sound editing abilities, experience, quality, general attitude and his abilitity to take on responsibilities above and beyond what has been required, Steve is always chosen to online all of our audio projects.

    I would highly recommend Steve for any music composition, sound design, and sound mixing position. Any organization that uses him will be more than happy with the end result."​

    Phil Green - Executive Producer / Director
    Red Monkey Productions, Dubai

  9. "Steve has provided sound design for a number of animation projects for me over the years. His abilities as a composer and a sound designer are second to none. He brings a wealth of talent and skill to every project that surpasses that of any other sound designer I have worked with.

    Steve is able to give a vitality to projects that makes them transcend being merely good, and lifts them to truly memorable. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending his work ethic, his ability, his attention to detail, and his commitment to excellence is second to none. True story."

    Francis Glenday - Managing Director
    Digital Sissors, Auckland NZ

  10. "Steve Green is a very talented, experienced and reliable sound engineer and composer who has worked for us on a contract basis for nearly 15 years.

    Often working remotely, Steve has developed the ability to work to brief via a simple phone chat or email, and to just get on with things. Every project he has done for us has been enhanced by his work and his technical expertise is second to none. He always delivers on time, and on cost, and his attention to detail is always appreciated."

    Aaron Christie - Managing Director
    Woodcut Productions, Auckland NZ 

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